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Tlemcen backed by the cliffs of the Tlemcen Mountains overlooks the fertile Hennaya and Maghnia plains and is sufficiently inland to avoid the humidity of the Mediterranean Sea coast but close enough to revel in cooling sea breezes in summer. 

Dating from the twelfth century, most of the city’s medieval buildings reflect the influence of the Moors. Discover the The Mosque of Sīdí bel Ḥassan, the Méchouar, or citadel, now a military hospital and barracks and fourteenth-century reservoir, called, the Sahrij, or Great Basin and the Grotto of Rabbi Ephraim ben Israel Ankawa, all notable landmarks. 

Take time out to wander down winding, narrow, arched streets crowded with shops, cafés, and mosques. If you are interested in Hispano-Moorish art, visit the ruins of the Marīnid city of Mansoura to the west. 

Tlemcen trades in agricultural products and textiles, leather, silk and metal handicrafts. The population is an exciting mixture of cultures, divided between the Hadars, called the middle class, and descended from the Moors and the Koulouglis who are descendants of Turks and Arab women, each living within their own sector. 


Tlemcen Hotels

$$$ Renaissance Tlemcen Hotel Tlemcen

The Renaissance Tlemcen is a luxurious hotel in Tlemcen, Algeria located on Plateau Lalla Setti, only 20 minutes from Tlemcen International Airport (Zenata).  All 204 sleek and spacious guestrooms...

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