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  • Béni Abbès
  • Béni Abbès
  • Béni Abbès


Béni Abbès

Beni Abbès lies in the northwestern Sahara on the western edge of the Grand Erg Occidental. The Wadi Saoura divides the stony desert and the sand dunes to the east and south. Beni Abbès’s small town of roofed streets are so dark that torches are often needed during the day. 

A small fort dominates the date-palm groves that extend along the valley of the Saoura for three hundred and twenty kilometres. 

Acacia trees and wild herbs are found scattered on the mountainside. Some of these herbs are medicinal and used by people traditionally to treat many diseases. 

The Abbassian cuisine is a rich mix of different cultures here and is strongly influenced by Moroccan culinary traditions. Rich in local specificities and marked by many different traditional dishes.