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The great, white, icy expanse of Antarctica is the planet’s last true wilderness and mesmerising in its dramatic beauty and wildlife. Since its first sighting in 1820, Antarctica has captured the imagination of the outside world and been immortalised by the feats of the legendary explorers Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton and Mawson. Today, its pristine isolation is matched only by the scale of its magnificent landscapes. Huge tabular icebergs carved from vast iceshelfs choke the narrow channels against a backdrop of towering peaks and distant volcanoes. The freezing waters abound with whales, sea-lions and orca while the bays echo with the shrill cries of penguins, albatross and petrels. For nature lovers, there is no place quite like it on earth. 

From South America, cruises set off from Ushuaia at the tip of Argentina to reach the Antarctic Peninsula crossing the notorious waters of the Drake Passage. Fly-cruises are also available leaving from Punta Arenas in southern Chile and perfect for those who struggle to find their sea-legs. Longer cruises also take in the remote South Georgia and the Falklands, islands that teems with elephant seals and King penguins.

At Oasis Travel, we understand that a visit to Antarctica is a trip of a lifetime and have used our extensive knowledge and experience to handpick the very best boats and itineraries. We will talk you through the myriad of ships on offer and highlight our favourite voyages.