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Take a Boat up the 30-mile-long New River Lagoon in the Orange Walk District to the Lamanai Maya temples and palaces dating from the Classic and Pre-Classic Periods. 

Set in tropical forest and occupied for more than 3,000 years, before European contact. The Archaeological Reserve not only contains a museum with ancient Maya artifacts, but visitors can also see the remnants of two 16th-century Spanish churches and a colonial sugar mill established in 1860. Lamanai will give you a unique glimpse into the culture of the Maya and the biological diversity of the tropical rainforest. On your boat ride, in addition to some fantastic scenery, you will see amazing wildlife: snail kites, jacana, morelet's crocodile and iguanas.


Lamanai Hotels

$$ Lamanai Outpost Lodge Lamanai

Lamanai Outpost Lodge is situated on the banks of a 45km long spring-fed lagoon amid the remnants of a major Maya city. It is surrounded by an incredible variety of habitats that facilitate unique...

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