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The Maya temples of Lubaantun are unique, built entirely without the aid of mortar. Each stone carefully measured and cut to fit the adjoining edifice.

Situated above a tributary to the Columbia River, Lubaantun is located near the Maya village of San Pedro Columbia in the Toledo District, 13 miles from Punta Gorda Town. Consisting of 14 significant structures grouped around five main plazas, Lubaantun was built in the Late Classic period and is the largest ceremonial centre in southern Belize.

This ancient city flourished for over 150 years, from  700 to 850 A.D. Archaeologists believe other sites in southern Belize, Lubaantun was occupied by the Manche Chol Maya, who moved into the area from the southwest, possibly from the site of Pusilha (Belize) or other neighbouring cities in Guatemala.


Lubaantun Hotels

$$ The Lodge at Big Falls Lubaantun

The Lodge at Big Falls, situated on the banks of the Rio Grande river. The property is located on a meander of the river with almost a mile of river frontage. The lodge faces the Maya Mountains to...

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