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Khama Rhino Sanctuary

The Khama Rhino Sanctuary twenty-five kilometres north of Serowe is the best conservation site for both white and black rhino, formally established to reintroduce rhinos into Botswana and gain the state of the sanctuary as a sustainable habitat for wildlife and rhinos’ specifically. 

The idea of the rhino sanctuary initiated by a group of Serowe inhabitants who aimed to sustain the survival rate of the rhinos in its natural habitat. The safety of this remarkable Botswana safari sanctuary is highly expected as the area is situated near the Botswana Defence Force area, where the safeguards of the sanctuary could be noted as one of the best rhino protection sanctuaries in Africa. 

It is also an education centre aimed at teaching children and local population the importance of natural resources conservation. 

The refuge grew from fourteen white rhinos and two black rhinos into a total of thirty-four rhinos due to birthing and translocation of some into the sanctuary. Two hundred species of birds make this a perfect place for the avid bird watcher bird species, making it perfect for the avid bird watcher. 

The sanctuary offers Rhino safari trails that are best for nature walks assisted by experienced and knowledgeable rangers coupled with game drives within the sanctuary.