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  • Jaguar, Pantanal, Brazil
  • A small chapel in the Pantanal, Brazil
  • A young tapir in the Pantanal, Brazil
  • Hyacinth Macaw, Pantanal, Brazil
  • Anteater, Pantanal, Brazil


The Pantanal

The Pantanal is one of the world’s largest seasonal wetlands; 140,000 square kilometres of forest, pampa grasslands and marsh which stretches across the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and into the neighbouring countries of Bolivia and Paraguay. During the wet season, from December to March, up to 80% of the Pantanal disappears under water as the rains transform the barren landscape into a vast lake which slowly drains out towards the Paraguay River.

However, it is this seasonal transformation and the wildlife that it attracts which have made the Pantanal one of the most important havens for flora and fauna anywhere in South America. The Pantanal boasts close to 1000 species of birds and 300 species of mammals including giant anteaters, hyacinth macaws, giant river otters, tapirs, capybara, marsh dear, caiman, jabiru storks and even the elusive jaguar to name but a few. Wildlife aside, this is cattle country where huge ranches dot the landscape and weather beaten “pantaneiro” cowboys lead the herd on annual drives to market. Many of these traditional ranches or “fazendas” have since opened up to tourism and also offer a unique insight into the local culture.

The Pantanal Hotels

$$$$ Peralta The Pantanal

First of its kind in the Pantanal, the Peralta is a luxurious 35m riverboat that explores the breathtaking wildlife along the wild and remote Paraguay River.  Spread across three decks, the Peralta...

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$$$$ Fazenda Barranco Alto The Pantanal

Remote Location

The Fazenda Barranco Alto sits under the shadow a huge mango tree, a huge 11,000 hectare working cattle ranch located deep in the southern Pantanal some 120km northwest of Aquidauana. Surrounded by...

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$$$$ Pousada Rio Mutum The Pantanal

Three hour’s drive from Cuiaba, gateway to Mato Grosso’s northern Pantanal, the Pousada Mutum is a beautiful lodge perched on the banks of the Mutum River. Set amidst glorious gallery forest and well...

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$$$$ Pousada Aguape The Pantanal

The Pousada Aguape is a traditional family-run farm and eco-lodge perched on the southern edge of the Pantanal, 3 hours’ drive from the regional capital Campo Grande. It is surrounded by rolling...

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$$$$ Araras Ecolodge The Pantanal

Two hours’ drive from Cuiaba along the famous “Transpantaneira Highway”, Araras is a comfortable lodge at the northern edge of the Brazil’s Pantanal surrounded by lush gallery forest and wetlands....

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