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  • Lobéké National Park


Lobeke National Park

The Lobéké National Park is in a gorilla protected region known for several western lowland gorilla sightings that live in the dense forests of the Congo River basin in southern Cameroon. Boumba National Park borders this area in the North West and Sangha River in the east separating Cameroon from the Central African Republic and Congo.

Occupying an estimated 2178 square kilometres, some of the wildlife include African forest elephants, red forest buffaloes, bongo antelopes, black colobus monkeys, sitatunga, chimpanzees, western lowland gorillas, leopards, forest ungulates,  two hundred and fifteen species of butterflies, eighteen reptiles, sixteen species of amphibians and one hundred and thirty species of fish in the rivers and in Lake Lobeke.

Night walks in the park are recommended, and there are regular sightings of nocturnal mammals such as galagos, pottos, hyrax, bats, nightjars, civets and genets.

More than three hundred species of birds are found in the park, and regular sightings include the Ja river ScrubWarbler, Red-nosed green pigeon, Chest-nut kingfisher, African grey parrot, Rhinoceroses’, birds and many other species.