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  • Ennedi Reserve
  • Ennedi Reserve
  • Ennedi Reserve


Ennedi Reserve

Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve nestled in the northeast of Chad is a magnificent natural sandstone the landscape crafted over centuries by wind and water leaving cliffs, natural arches and canyons, and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2016.

Water creates an Eden for a diverse range of flora and fauna.  Images have been painted onto and carved into the top surface dating back over 7,000 years, making this area one of the most significant homes of rock art in the Sahara. 

Ennedi is one of six large clusters of mountains, known as a madden, in the Sahara, despite poaching in recent years that has severely affected wildlife, incredible biodiversity remains. It is home to a relic population of crocodiles, over 525 plant species and at least 199 bird species which pass through on their transcontinental migratory routes.