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  • Llama and the Andes, Chile, South America
  • Moon Valley Volcano, Chile, South America
  • Yacht, Puerto Varas, Chile, South America
  • Torres del Paines, Chile, South America
  • Santiago skyline in winter, Chile, South America
  • Chilean native in her shop, Chile, South America
  • Church in Puerto Varas, Chile, South America
  • Vinyards of Chile, South America


Chile clings precariously to the edge of South America, a country of fire and ice that encompasses every landscape from the driest deserts in the world to vast glacier fields. 

In the north, tiny whitewashed Andean villages punctuate the red-rock desert landscapes while travelling south picture-postcard, snow-capped volcanoes rise from huge turquoise lakes shrouded in lush, temperate rainforest. And this is even before we reach the big scenery in deep Patagonia! Just as the coastal archipelago and southern fjords flatten into windswept Patagonian steppe, the granite peaks of the Torres del Paine National Park rise vertically up from the desolate grass desert to form a natural barrier to the great southern icefield. 

And yet, the magnificent scenery is only part of the appeal. UNESCO world heritage sites complement a fascinating history rich in tradition, and add in vineyards, mystical islands, observatories and expedition cruises, you begin to see the full potential of Chile. Best of all, things work! Chile’s infrastructure is the pride of South America and with an excellent range of accommodation and world-class cuisine, the country offers a treasure trove of highlights for visitors!