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  • Llama and the Andes, Chile, South America
  • Moon Valley Volcano, Chile, South America
  • Yacht, Puerto Varas, Chile, South America
  • Torres del Paines, Chile, South America
  • Santiago skyline in winter, Chile, South America
  • Chilean native in her shop, Chile, South America
  • Church in Puerto Varas, Chile, South America
  • Vinyards of Chile, South America

Chile - Itinerary Ideas

The itineraries below are designed to give you a flavour of what is possible and can be tailor-made to suit your preferences. You may add or take out days and adjust the running order or sightseeing tours to match your interests. Oasis Travel Holidays are always FULLY flexible.

All travel arrangements are on a PRIVATE, individual basis to offer complete freedom of choice and flexibility. You will not be expected to share travel arrangements with other people unless clearly stated otherwise. 

If you have specific interests or travel specifications please call us on 1300 720 443 to discuss your individual requirements.

32 Days

Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos: Santiago – Atacama Desert – Uyuni – La Paz – Lake Titicaca – Cusco – Machu Picchu – Amazon – Quito - Galapagos

A wonderful, overland journey through the heart of South America that takes in some of the continent’s most captivating landscapes. From the terracotta canyons of Chile’s Atacama across to Bolivia’s dazzling Uyuni Saltlake, the itinerary then plunges into Peru’s Inca heartland. Train from Lake Titicaca to Cusco, lose yourself in the ruins of Machu Picchu and immerse yourself in steamy Amazon rainforest. The journey culminates with Quito and a breathtaking Galapagos cruise, a fitting climax to your South American adventure.  

15 days

Santiago – Atacama Desert – Lake District – Torres del Paine – Vineyards

A wonderful snapshot of Chile’s breathtaking landscapes from north to south. From cosmopolitan Santiago, the itinerary takes you up to the terracotta canyons and salt-lakes of Chile’s Atacama Desert before plunging into the lush temperate rainforest and snow-capped volcanoes of the Lake District. From there, you head into deepest, darkest Patagonia to visit the magnificent wilds of the Torres del Paine National Park before finishing your trip at a vineyard supping Carmenere under the distant shadow of the Andes.  

21 Days

Puerto Varas - Carretera Austral - El Chalten - Calafate - Torres del Paine National Park - Punta Arenas

South America's ultmate self-drive adventure as you take on the breathtaking Carretera Austral highway as it snakes ever south through glorious Patagonian wilderness. The route weaves through jagged mountains, steep-forested fjords and narrow river valleys before crossing the border and merging with Argentina's iconic Route 40. From here, the drive continues across desolate rolling steppe before culminating with the magnificent Torres del Paine National Park, a fitting climax to the road-trip.       

30 Days

Chile, Argentina & Brazil: Santiago – Lake District – Ushuaia – Patagonian Cruise – Torres del Paine – El Calafate – El Chalten & Mt. Fitzroy – Buenos Aires – Iguassu – Rio

A spectacular sweep along the southern spine of the Andes through the picture-postcard Lake District of Argentina and Chile to the granite peaks and icefields of Patagonia. The journey culminates in the mighty Iguazu Falls and the heady atmosphere and beaches of Rio, Brazil’s most exciting city. Experience penguins, condors and spellbinding scenery from icefields to tropical forest including a unique Patagonian cruise. This trip showcases the most captivating sights at the bottom of South America and is best enjoyed from November to March. From Rio, you may like to include a few days’ relaxation at a beach resort.

9 Days

Coihaique – Carretera Austral – Tortel – Patagonia Park

The essence of true Patagonia as you weave through mountains, river valleys, fjords and steppe; a magnificent road trip into Chile’s wildest corners well away from the tourist crowds. From Coihaique, you collect a pick-up truck and head south along the famous Carretera Austral, spending each night in rustic mountain cabins or family-run guesthouses. Highlights include the “marble caves” of Lake General Carrera, the picture post-card village of Tortel and the rugged expanse of Patagonia Park.   

13 days

Valparaiso – Pucón – Chiloé – Carretera Austral

A wonderfully diverse itinerary that takes in Chile’s most captivating and yet surprisingly overlooked destinations. From the colourful hills and bohemian atmosphere of Valparaiso, you head into the magnificent national parks of Pucón, Chile’s adventure capital, before immersing yourself in the rolling hills, rich culture and booming Pacific coastline of the islands of Chiloé. The trip culminates in the breathtaking Patagonian scenery of the Carretera Austral, Chile’s last, truly wild frontier!  

19 Days

Santiago – Atacama Desert – Lake District – Nomads of the Sea Cruise – Torres del Paine

Chile has long played second fiddle to Argentina when it comes to sumptuous boutique hotels and lavish accommodation but not anymore! Journey through Chile’s classic destinations in ultimate style and luxury. From the Atacama Desert in the north to the icefields of deep Patagonia, you will stay at beautiful lodges and experience the height of expedition cruising through picturesque, glacier-topped fjords. Enjoy Chile with no expense spared!

18 Days

Buenos Aires –Lake District – Torres del Paine – Calafate – Ushuaia – Patagonian Fjords – Santiago

A wonderful itinerary that takes in the very best of Patagonia on both sides of the border. From Buenos Aires, the journey zigzags across the Andes from the picturesque forests and snow-capped volcanoes of the Lake District to the ice fields and majestic granite peaks of the deep south and culminates in a classic cruise through lush, glacier topped fjords and the wind-swept rocks of Cape Horn.   

5 days

Santiago – Easter Island

A fascinating visit to the enigmatic Rapa Nui, an island steeped in history and rich tradition where iconic Moai statues litter the rugged landscapes. The itinerary takes in the key highlights and allows a free day for independent exploration.

10 Days

Santiago – Pucon – Argentine Lake District – Puerto Varas

A breathtaking road trip to explore the glorious Andean scenery of the Lake District from both sides of the border. From Temuco, you collect a pick-up truck and set off to discover breathtaking national parks and snow-capped volcanoes, zigzagging across the border along magnificent mountain passes. The roads are long, wide and empty and the self-drive experience truly out of this world!

8 Days

Punta Arenas – Torres del Paine – “W circuit” trek – Punta Arenas

Our take on Chile’s classic “W” circuit trek in South America’s most compelling national park. From Punta Arenas you will head into the magnificent wilds of the Torres del Paine and set off on a 4 day, self-guided walk across the face of the awe-inspiring Paine Massif. Highlights include the iconic granite towers, the French Valley and Glacier Grey and each night will be spent in rustic mountain cabins (“refugios”), perfect those not willing to camp!    

7 Days

Ushuaia/Punta Arenas - Puerto Williams - Dientes Circuit - Puerto Williams

South America's southernmost trail and what's more - "the best trek in Patagonia" according to the Lonely Planet! Chile's "Dientes Trail" is simply magnificent, a 4 day hike at the very end of the world that traverses ancient forests, peat bogs, glacier-fed lakes and towering, jagged "teeth-like" peaks that gave the circuit its name. From Ushuaia, you cross the Beagle Channel to reach Puerto Williams over the border in Chile before setting off into the wilds. IMPORTANT - the Dientes Circuit is for experienced trekkers only; you will be carrying your own gear and spending each night under canvas.