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  • Hangzhou temples in Luxury China Travel
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Hangzhou has long been considered by the Chinese as 'Heaven on Earth' and is typical of the captivating natural scenery of the region south of the Yangtze River. Founded 2,200 years ago during the Qin Dynasty, it is one of the most renowned and prosperous cities within modern day China. The city is famed for the delightful West Lake, also called 'Xizi Lake' (Xizi is recognized was the most beautiful lady in the ancient China) and is home to mysterious cloud-shrouded hills and very picturesque river scenery. It is believed that Marco Polo visited Hangzhou at the height of its prosperity and described it as “the city of heaven, beyond dispute the finest and noblest in the world”. 

The magic of the lake is further enhanced by the surrounding pavilions, pagodas, temples, mausoleums. Hangzhou is also renowned as 'The Home of Silk' and 'The Land of Tea'. The well-known Chinese green tea Longjing Tea (Dragon Well) is the produced in the region. Hangzhou has had a long tradition of silk production and the soft and delicate products have become a trademark of this city. The National Silk Museum and National Tea Museum are housed here where you are able to learn, in depth, more about the production, preparation and importance of these items. 

Modern day Hangzhou is a bustling city, yet despite its recent urban development, the city still retains the historic and cultural heritage for which it is famed and it is home to some good character hotels, not least the superb Amanfayun! Probably our favourite hotel in China!

Hangzhou Hotels

$$$$$ Amanfayun Hangzhou

Character Boutique, Directors favourites, Luxury, Great Spa, Historic Hotel

Amanfayun lies hidden in a valley to the west of West Lake in Hangzhou. The 20-minute drive along densely wooded bamboo and tree-lined avenues from the centre of Hangzhou takes you past the botanical...

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