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  • Longsheng, spectacular view to rice fields, in China Luxury Travel
  • Longsheng, drying chilies near Guilin, in China Luxury Travel
  • Longsheng, spectacular view to rice fields 2, in China Luxury Travel
  • Longsheng, local tribal women, in China Luxury Travel
  • Village near Guilin, in China Luxury Travel


Longsheng (Longji rice terraces)

Located a scenic 2 hour leisurely drive from Guilin, Longsheng County is home to a number of Guangxi Province's minority people and home to the magnificent Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces – the most picturesque and popular  being Ping An and Jinkeng Terraces (approximately 90 mins from Guilin en route to Longsheng). These ancient feats of agricultural engineering are built along a valley on the side of hills rising as high as 800 metres. The history of the terraces dates back to the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368 A.D) but most were built in the Ming Dynasty around 500 years ago. 

The views that you will experience will depend on when you visit though generally rice planting occurs in April and August with harvesting in July and October, however at any time of year the views are fantastic. The best view points are, thanks to the new road, easily accessible by car and then a 30 minute hike to the top. If you’re not feeling up to the walk through the terraces you can take a sedan chair and be carried to the top by the locals (approx RMB100)! 

The area around Longsheng is also notable for being home to two of Guangxi Province's minority peoples. The Zhuang and colourful Yao tribes make any visit to Longsheng even more interesting. The Yao tribe (Red Yao's) generally live in the valley and the ladies wear brightly coloured clothes as well as having intricate hairstyles that show whether they are single, married or married with children! 

A stop will be made at a Yao village where the ladies will introduce their costumes and hairstyles and also perform some folk songs and dances. A simple lunch is available at a village home.

Longsheng (Longji rice terraces) Hotels

$$$ Li An Lodge Longsheng (Longji rice terraces)

Directors favourites, Remote Location

Li-An Lodge, an entirely wood structure built using the traditional Chinese technique of tongue and groove without a single nail, is located on top of a small mountain, bordering a local village and...

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