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  • Ice hole, Antarctica
  • baby Seal, Antarctica
  • Penguin, Antarctica
  • sunset over Antarctica
  • Tip of the iceberg, Antarctica
  • Whale head, Antarctica

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Antarctica is the ultimate travel destination, a frozen wilderness at the end of the planet shrouded in darkness and plagued with howling winds. Yet, when the sun finally rises above the horizon breathing light and life onto the ice-scapes, there is simply no place like it on earth! Huge tabular icebergs redefine scale, calved from distant icesheets while jagged, granite peaks rise above frozen channels that teem with whales, sea-lions, penguins and countless sea-birds.

The Antarctic offers little luxury, a destination prone to high winds, heavy seas and extreme temperatures yet those who visit, return enthralled. At this latitude, the season is short – November to March – and the cruise options fairly limited, from stark ex-Russian expedition ships to larger cruisers. Yet, each year, the experiences grow:  kayak through icebergs within remote, glassy channels; snowshoe to panoramic viewpoints or even camp on the ice itself bathed in the ghostly half-light of an Antarctic night. In February, when pack ice allows, you can even cross into the Antarctic Circle itself and so put your name alongside the polar explorers!


The great, white, icy expanse of Antarctica is the planet’s last true wilderness and mesmerising in its dramatic beauty and wildlife.

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