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Central America

From Mexico south, tracing the line of mountains and volcanoes across the narrow isthmus towards the border with Colombia, Central America offers a dizzying range of landscapes, colour and ancient civilisations to explore.

For wildlife, Costa Rica stands alone, one endless national park that stretches from the Atlantic to Pacific while for ancient civilisations, lost cities and indigenous colour little compares to the Mayan mysteries of Guatemala. Mexico, itself needs little introduction, a regional giant cherished for its culture, ancient pyramids and famous Riviera Maya yet this is a mere taste of what Central America has to offer. From Panama to Honduras, El Salvador to Nicaragua, each country has its own unique identity and fascinating corners to discover. Best of all, you are never far from a glorious, palm-fringed beach. Sink into the golden sands of Panama or the Yucatan or head to Belize where you can dive the world-famous Blue Hole.

True it can be daunting un-ravelling the mysteries of Central America. Yet, at Oasis Travel we have travelled the length and breadth of the continent and handpicked our favourite destinations and accommodation from rustic jungle lodges to sumptuous colonial haciendas and dreamy beach resorts.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is perched at the narrow crossroads between Central and South America; Pacific and Caribbean Ocean, a tiny country that is jam packed with wildlife, beaches and breathtaking scenery.

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Central America’s regional giant, Mexico is a riot of colour and ancient civilisations bound by glorious landscapes and colonial treasures.

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Visit Guatemala and you step back to the time of the ancient Maya and a land of mystery set against spectacular natural contrasts.

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With one foot in the soft sands of the Caribbean and the other planted firmly in dense jungles, tumbling waterfalls and forested mountains that hide ancient Mayan cities amidst incredible wildlife, Belize brings out the adventurer in all of us!

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From the crystal-clear turquoise seas to the aroma of coffee farms and the dark forests of Chiriquí, Panama is more than just a canal. Discover Panama's beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and endless activities. Panama City is culturally diverse and sophisticated.

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