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  • Machu Picchu in could, Peru, South America
  • Long road in Patagonia, Chile, South America
  • Uros people, floating island, Lake Titicca, Puno, Peru, South America
  • Colonial Doors, Colombia, South America
  • iguana on beach, Galapagos, South America
  • Christ the Redeemer and Rio Race track, Brazil, South America
  • Iguazu fall, Argentina and Brazil, South America

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South America

From wind-sculpted deserts to Patagonian icefields, Andean volcanoes to steamy Amazon Rainforest, South America has a natural treasure trove of riches and ancient civilisations to explore. Whether you are looking for a family holiday, honeymoon, Inca adventure or even a luxury travel experience, South America has something for everyone.

For wildlife enthusiasts, little compares to the natural extravaganza of the Galapagos Islands or for sheer landscapes, the thunderous Iguassu Falls or Bolivia’s dazzling Uyuni salt-lake. South America offers a heady mix of experiences - take a traditional riverboat up the mighty Amazon; ride with the gauchos in Argentina or dance Samba at Rio Carnival. Or for adventure, why not hike one of the Inca Trails to Machu Picchu or head to the towering granite peaks of Patagonia?

At Oasis Travel, we have handpicked the most exciting destinations and hotels from sumptuous colonial mansions and traditional haciendas to hideaway retreats and rustic jungle lodges. Tour South America in luxury or gain an in-depth experience as locals, South America gets in your blood and will have you returning time and time again...


No other country in South America quite captures the imagination as Peru and no site more than the Inca citadel Machu Picchu, set deep within the mountains, shrouded in lush cloud-forest and mystery. 

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As any Argentine would be proud to tell you, the country has the biggest and best of everything – Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas; Iguazu, the largest waterfalls in the world;

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Chile clings precariously to the edge of South America, a country of fire and ice that encompasses every landscape from the driest deserts in the world to vast glacier fields. 

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 “Order and progress” adorn the flag, an unlikely motif for a country whose vibrant culture and sun-drenched tropical coast will more likely have you swaying to the heady beats of bossa nova!

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Small is beautiful or in Ecuador’s case, truly breathtaking! A tiny country on the shoulder of South America, Ecuador boasts 15% of the world’s birdlife and has more biodiversity per square kilometre than any other country on earth.

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The Galapagos Islands

A true wildlife extravaganza, there is nowhere else on earth quite like the Galapagos Islands. Lying 1000km off the Ecuadorian coast, these tiny volcanic islands harbour a dizzying array of species, many of which are found nowhere else on the planet.

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“The only risk is wanting to stay!” So opened Colombia to the outside world, Latin America’s newest and most exciting destination! Sitting on the shoulder of the continent just across the narrow isthmus from Central America, Colombia boasts an embarrassment of riches for visitors.

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Bolivia sits on the roof of the Americas, a landlocked country of captivating landscapes.

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