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Cotopaxi National Park

70 miles south of Quito along the breathtaking “Avenue of the Volcanoes”, the beautiful snowy peak of the Cotopaxi Volcano and national park dominates the countryside. Just under 6000m above sea-level, Cotopaxi is Ecuador’s second tallest peak and one of the world’s highest active volcanoes. Its graceful green shoulders are punctuated with mud and lava flows that pay testament to its destructive power. Cotopaxi boasts 86 known eruptions to its name which have helped create a wonderful array of natural habitats that harbour the region’s varied, native wildlife. Brocket deer, paramo wolves, puma and spectacled bears all make their homes on the slopes as well as birds ranging from buzzards, cock-of-the-rock, giant humming birds and soaring condor.

Cotopaxi offers excellent walking, riding, biking and photography. A number of historic, colonial haciendas ring the national park and provide the perfect base to explore its graceful slopes.  

Cotopaxi National Park Hotels

$$$$ Hacienda San Agustin de Callo Cotopaxi National Park

Hacienda, Directors favourites, Historic Hotel

In the shadow of the spectacular Cotopaxi Volcano 2 hours from Quito, the San Agustin de Callo is a sumptuous colonial hacienda and once Augustinian convent built on the ruins of a 15th century Inca...

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$$$ Hacienda La Cienega Cotopaxi National Park

Character Boutique, Historic Hotel

An impressive tree-lined avenue leads up to the 300 year-old Hacienda La Cienega, one of Ecuador’s oldest colonial estates set on the edge of the Cotopaxi National Park. Dating back to the 17th...

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$$ Chilcabamba Lodge Cotopaxi National Park

Two hours south of Quito just off the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”, Chilcabamba is a rustic yet cosy hiking lodge on the edge of the spectacular Cotopaxi National Park.  Built from local and recycled...

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$$$ Hacienda El Porvenir Cotopaxi National Park


Positioned amidst 4500 hectares of rolling farmland in the foothills of the Ruminahui Volcano, the Hacienda el Porvenir is a traditional, working ranch on the edge of the Cotopaxi National Park....

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