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Nile Valley - Egypt

Egypt has been described as the Gift of the Nile because without the river the whole country would be a barren desert. Instead, a narrow and verdant strip of cultivated land cuts through the arid countryside, In ancient times, a great civilisation flourished along the river’s banks, and the incredible wealth of temples and tombs left behind makes the Nile Valley the most significant open air museum in the world.

Today, the Nile is as central to life as it was when the farmers and fishermen depicted in the Pharaonic tombs were dotted along the valley. Though the construction of the Aswan High Dam, put an end to the annual inundation of the river, many of Egypt’s farmers still live in simple mudbrick villages and cultivate the precious fertile land using the same age old methods. 

Gaze in awe at the countless treasures that have been excavated. Discover the Valley of the Kings, the Majestic Sphinx at Giza and the stunning temples of Luxor and Karnak.

Further south, the ancient garrison town of Aswan is a relaxing place to stay and a good base for exploring the temples on the banks of Lake Nassar.


Nile Valley