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  • Nuweiba



Located midway along the Gulf of Aqaba coast, Nuweiba is divided into three areas. To the north is the Bedouin settlement of Tarabeen, where campsites of bamboo huts line the beach. In the village, there are the ruins of a sixteenth-century fortress, which was built by the Mamluk Sultan, Ashraf al-Ghouri. 

Take a catamaran trip to the ancient city of Petra where this metropolis was carved out of desert rock between the Third century BC and First century AD.

Hire a jeep or wander more slowly by camel, thirty kilometres inland. Here you can tour the narrow gorge by the name of The Coloured Canyon, reached via the oasis of Ain al-Furtaga.

The name derives from the pink, brown, green and yellow layers caused by the oxidation of minerals and appears like a modern work of art.

South of Nuweiba is the Abu Gahum Nature Reserve, a prime destination for dive safaris. Inland from the beaches is a maze of wadis teeming with plants and wildlife including desert foxes, ibexes and hyraxes.