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Western Desert - Egypt

Egypt’s vast western desert stretches over nearly three million square miles, from the west bank of the Nile to Libya. 

Dunes, canyons, oases, mountainous plateaus, and valleys span most of the land west of the Nile Valley; Despite covering over two-thirds of Egypts total land area, the desert is virtually uninhabited except for the fertile oases where communities and crops flourish amid barren desert surroundings.

Each of the Western Desert oases has its unique character. While the main settlements of Bahariyya and Farafra are still villages, those of Dakhla and Kharga are larger towns, surrounded by fascinating historical sites.

Today, the Desert offers visitors the chance to escape the crowded city and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the empty desert; It remains one of the few places in the world travellers can experience a feeling of total isolation, the sheer scale is overwhelming.