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  • Farafra
  • Farafra
  • Farafra



Farafra is the most isolated and least populous of the New Valley Oases and is an incredibly peaceful and relaxing place to visit. Its mainly Bedouin inhabitants are well known for their strong traditions and religious piety. 

Built like the other oases, around a ruined fortress, the villages historically sheltered here from attacks, Though the traditional mudbrick painted houses remain, concrete developments have sprung up due to governmental efforts to attract outsiders to the area.  

Take time out here, to explore the White Desert, some forty-one kilometres from Al-Farafra on the main road to Bahariya; It was so named after the bright white rock formations, resembling a lunar landscape., 

Try during your stay, for the chance to see local arts and crafts and buy items such as sweaters, socks and scarves, knitted out of camel and sheep wool by the locals.