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White Mediterranean - Egypt

Fanning out between the two branches of the Nile, the Delta is a green triangle in a desert landscape. Several Pharaonic dynasties ruled from here but, apart from the ruins of Bubastis and Tanis most ancient sites have disappeared under the sand. 

Although the north coast between Alexandria and Libya enjoys clear seas and beautiful beaches, many stretches are rich in history.  This is the rural heart of the country crisscrossed by irrigation canals; the flat land is fertile with cotton, maize, sugarcane and vegetables. 

Watch buffalo plough the fields, donkeys pull cars and mudbrick pigeon huts punctuate the picturesque landscape.

Visit the small harbour town of Marsa Matruh, Alexandria to see Pompey’s Pillar, and El Alamein to visit the site of a significant World War II battle.


White Mediterranean