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Comprising eleven churches and two chapels, Ethiopia's labyrinthine ‘New Jerusalem’, excavated by King Lalibela in the 12th century and still in active use today, has been dubbed the "Eighth Wonder of the World”. Hand-carved into the rock flake by painstaking flake, a process that would have required around 40,000 man-years to complete, Lalibela represents the apex of an Ethiopian church-excavating tradition that dates to the arrival of Christianity circa 350 AD.

Lalibela Hotels

$$$ Hotel Maribela Lalibela

Hotel Maribela is located in the heart of Lalibela mountains. Spacious and modern rooms all with breathtaking views of the Ethiopian Highlands. Maribela Hotel was built in a very appealing design,...

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$$$ Mountain View Hotel Lalibela

The Mountain View Hotel hugs the cliffs at an altitude of 2680 meters offering unspoiled spectacular panoramic views of the valley below. The architecture style of the hotel is in keeping with the...

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