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Bale Mountains National Park

Ethiopia's most important biodiversity regions, Bale Mountains National Park supports a rich mosaic of high-altitude habitats including lush evergreen forest, stands of giant bamboo, pastel-shaded moorland, and sheltered river valleys swathed in fragrant juniper-hagenia woodland. Nominated as a tentative UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in 2009, the park is the most important stronghold to three endemic large mammal species - the charismatic Ethiopian wolf, handsome mountain nyala and delightful Bale monkey and being one of the best places in Africa for birdwatching.

Bale Mountains National Park Hotels

$$$ Bale Mountain Lodge Bale Mountains National Park

The Lodge has been selected to provide an excellent opportunity for guests to experience a pristine wilderness environment that incorporates the largest tract of Afro-Alpine moorland remaining on the...

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