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  • Omo Valley
  • Omo Valley
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Lower Omo Valley

Centred on the lush green town of Jinka, South Omo and the Omo Valley is Ethiopia’s most culturally and linguistically diverse region, supporting 16 different ethnic groups who all staunchly keep to their unique traditional costumes, customs and beliefs. within the South Omo, is the little-visited Lower Omo UNESCO World Heritage Site, set close to where the Omo River empties into Lake Turkana, protects several important paleontological sites. The best way to explore South Omo is to visit a few of its small towns on their specific market days when a diverse mix of colourfully-adorned villagers can be seen buying and selling wares.

Lower Omo Valley Hotels

$$$ Emerald Resort Lower Omo Valley

Emerald Resort is located in the beautiful city of Arba Minch (in Amharic forty springs), Ethiopia. It boasts a spectacular hilltop setting overlooking the forest of Netch Sar National Park and two...

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$$ Paradise Lodge Lower Omo Valley

Paradise Lodge was opened to transform the hospitality industry in Africa by providing guests with unparalleled service and an authentic Ethiopian experience while preserving the natural environment...

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