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French Polynesia - DESTINATIONS & HOTELS


Discovered by Europeans in the 18th Century, the Australs are located 600 km south of Tahiti's capital. The archipelago is made up of seven islands, five of which are inhabited and only four are accessible by air. An untouched and mysterious land where white sand clashes with the intense blue of the lagoons, the Australs may be off the beaten track but offer a memorable and unique experience in The Islands of Tahiti. 

Breathtaking landscapes, from sheer mountains to valleys and high plains, these islands are famous for their farming activities. Quite a few archeological remnants hide on each Island, bear witness to a well organised pre-European community of rich cultural and religious practices.

The cliffs and caves of the Austral Islands are places of legends.  Areas that used to be old burial grounds are now places to watch humpback whales frolic in the waters just offshore arriving from August to October each year to give birth.