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Built to house construction workers involved in the completion of the hydroelectric dam, Akosombo is the location of the world's second-largest artificial lake, making that mark, until the Three Gorges Dam was completed in China.

When you visit the dam, the Volta River Authority will organise a tour, and an experienced guide will explain its history and the essential role Akossombo plays in Ghana's economy. Because of the permanent availability of water through floodgate operations, the dam provides for off-season farming all year round.

Lake Volta, the reservoir behind the dam, has many islands and islets, such as Dodi Island, where facilities for excursions are being developed. The  Lake is also an essential lifeline for transportation, providing a waterway for ferries and cargo vessels, and since the lake lies in a tropical area, the water remains warm year-round naturally and is the location of a vast fish population.

Surrounded by coconut trees, be sure to take the tourist boat Dodi Princess across to the Island of Dodi.