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  • Shai Hills Nature Reserve
  • Shai Hills Nature Reserve
  • Shai Hills Nature Reserve


Shai Hills Nature Reserve

The hills and terrain of Shai Hills is a beautiful glimpse of what is called  ‘natural’. Africa

Welcome to The Shai Hills Nature Reserve combining nature conservation, rich cultural and archaeological sites with splendid scenic views. 

Hire a guide and trek the Savannah plains to view West Africa’s big game. Discover antelopes, bush-bucks, krobs, and baboons, monkeys, and for the astute bird watcher, species including the crested eagle, ground hornbill, and blank bellied bustard.

Being a small reserve Shai Hills is made up mainly of savannah covered plains. A mosaic of forest covers the five separate hills,  while grassland and low dry forests are found in the intervening canyons. 

Be amazed by the friendly baboon troop at the front gate, they can be very amusing, but be warned the will snatch your unattended belongings.

The best time for wildlife viewing is early in the morning. Besides the baboons and birds, a morning visit may include sightings of Kob antelope, bushbuck or monkeys, although the monkeys here are not habituated like at Tafi Atome or Boabeng-Fiema.

In addition to the natural beauty and game viewing potential, enjoy the pleasure of visiting Obonu Tem and Se Yo caves in the Hioweyo and Sayu hills.

Theses are Shai people's ancestral caves and were used by the Shai King until the end of the nineteenth century. The caves were defendable in times of war due to the abundance of great stone rocks,  tunnel-like openings, and overhangs.

Why not spend a memorable day hiking through the cool, dry evergreen forest to the caves to see relics of the old Shai settlements? Be on the lookout for the loud bat colony that resides at the caves.


Shai Hills Nature Reserve Hotels

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