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Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong is a city blossoming from its British legacy, it is and always has been Chinese at heart, with lively dim sum restaurants, Chinese medicine shops, street vendors, old men taking their caged birds for walks and colourful festivals.

The city is vibrant, busy and fast paced, a real east meets west cosmopolitan melting pot. You will find yourself wandering the streets in awe of the huge hi-tech skyscrapers and mammoth shopping malls, but then within seconds of turning into a small side street feel you have been transported back to ancient China and in the midst of a Chinese medicinal market, outside a traditional teashop or on the doorstep of an ancient Chinese temple.

The city is broadly divided into 2 main tourist areas, namely Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, and the two are linked by underground roads and trains as well as the famous Star Ferry - still in our opinion the best way to enjoy the spectacular harbour.  

The hotels are splendid, the bars are chic, the restaurants varied and plentiful. There are museums and galleries to explore and shopping for anything from designer goods to electronic items and antiques to handicrafts available on almost every corner.  

Hong Kong is an adrenalin-fuelled and often chaotic experience that may leave you breathless but always wanting to come back for more.