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Acre known to locals as Akko is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, bodes well with visitors and extends an emotional journey and a chance to peek into a glorious past of this ancient and wondrous city. Boasting the remnants of not only the Hellenistic-Roman period but structures from the Crusader and Ottoman period, Acre occupies a prominent location, sitting in the natural harbour of Haifa Bay on the coast of the Mediterranean's Levantine Sea.

Much more than an archaeological marvel, Akko has colourful Oriental markets, fascinating museums, sandy beaches and watersport facilities. Take a stroll around fishermen’s port with its large marina, and indulge in this city's historical heritage, a rare blend of West and East and step into a 4,000-year old story unfolding before you within the halls of the citadel. 

Take time to wander the streets, chapels, stores and the Arts and Crafts Market, featuring artisans work modelled from the Crusades era, and marvel at the blacksmiths, glass blowers, potters, weavers, embroiderers, leather artisans, basket weavers, perfume and oil artisans.


Acre Hotels

$$$ The Efendi Boutique Hotel Acre

Character Boutique

Nestled in the picturesque narrow lanes of Acre, the Efendi Boutique Hotel overlooks the historic city walls and the magnificent Mediterranean Sea beyond. The unique structure of this boutique hotel...

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$$$ Acco Beach Hotel Acre

On one of the most beautiful bays in Israel, the Acco beach is located. With a perfect view of the Mediterranean Sea and the ancient city of Acco, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Acco...

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