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The Roman port city combines ancient structures, archaeology and a picture-perfect harbour. Built by Pontius Pilate, two millennia ago, Caesarea was one of the largest and most magnificent ports on the Mediterranean, with massive piers stretching out into the sea to accommodate dozens of ships. 

The city of Caesarea once contained a giant hippodrome, aqueduct and a theatre, but then a thousand years later the Crusaders arrived and erected an enormous fortress, and finally the Ottomans, who turned it into a seaside town. 

Today, the ancient Roman theatre is a vibrant venue for concerts, the Crusader fortress is thrilling to visit, and the Ottoman harbour and beach are full of cafes, restaurants and a visitors’ centre.


Caesarea Hotels

$$$ Dan Caesarea Resort Caesarea

The iconic Dan Caesarea Hotel, built by Baron Rothschild for the benefit of the jet-setters of the 1960s, has been transformed. Welcome to the new Dan Caesarea Resort! What was, until a few months...

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