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Israel - Oasis Highlights

Israel is blessed with many highlights, below are just a few of our favourite picks.


Tel Aviv-Jaffa is a city interweaving a dozen cities into a sprawling metropolis home to more than four million Israelis, and is one of the world’s few cities that is also a major Mediterranean beach resort, with nine miles of beaches, and a fourteen-mile long promenade lined with umbrellas, umbrellas, lifeguard towers, cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants.


Next to the Dead Sea appears an oval-shaped flat-topped mesa, and a mountain surrounded by a virtual sheer drop.  This site, unlike the rest of the landscape, was secure for King Herod to build himself a palace fortress in which he could retire in the case of emergency. The splendour of Masada was epic.  A sheer marvel of engineering that used artificial water courses to channel the desert’s rare rainfall into large cisterns where, despite the 120-degree heat, they could make and store ice.


The Negev invites the visitors to a unique view of an untouched vastness, both silent and majestic and an unmistakable backdrop for encountering the Bedouin tribespeople of the desert, where traces of past civilisations of agriculture as well as archaeological sites can be discovered.


The Roman port city combines ancient structures, archaeology and a picture-perfect harbour. Built by Pontius Pilate, two millennia ago, Caesarea was one of the largest and most magnificent ports on the Mediterranean, with massive piers stretching out into the sea to accommodate dozens of ships. 

The city of Caesarea once contained a giant hippodrome, aqueduct and a theatre, but then a thousand years later the Crusaders arrived and erected an enormous fortress, and finally the Ottomans, who turned it into a seaside town.