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  • Mt Fuji, Japan
  • Japanese Garden in autumn
  • Geisha with Sakura Tree, Japan
  • Snow on houses, Cottage at Gassho Zukuri, Shirakawago, Japan
  • Grand Sumo Tournament, Tokyo, Japan
  • Snow Monkeys
  • Tsumago, village on the Samurai trail, Japan
  • Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine in Kyoto - Japan

Honshu - Japan

Honshu is home to the main cultural and historic cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, the secondary cities of Kanazawa and Hiroshima as well as many secret gems such as the Japanese Alps and Mount Koya-san to name but a few.
Honshu literally translates as “Main Island” or Main Province” is the largest and most heavily populated island of Japan with around 100 million people. Approximately 1300 km long and ranging from 50 to 230 km wide, comprising around 60% of the total area of Japan. It is larger than the island of Great Britain and has 5450 km of coastline with a highly variable climate ranging from the cool north to the subtropical south.