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Pulsating neon, soaring skyscrapers, madding crowds, latest trends and fashions all await you in world’s most populous metropolitan area. The sheer scale of the city can be overpowering for first-timers, but after a couple of days exploring you'll discover the peaceful side of traditional Japan, such as tea ceremonies, blossom filled serene Zen gardens. It’s just one of those “world cities” that will unravel itself to you when you go with the flow! From skyscraper-dotted Shinjuku and the manic nightlife of Roppongi to the ancient incense filled temples in Asakusa and the green oases of Hamarikyu-en Garden – Tokyo is a frivolous mix of modern contemporary existence and ancient etiquette, slick futuristic gadgets and a gentle and orderly population.  

City highlights include a visit to a sumo training stable (or a sumo completion when being held) to see these Japanese giants working out (you will be the only travellers there, this is NOT a touristic excursion), have the freshest sushi breakfast at the world’s largest fish market at Tsukiji and exploring the shopping and entertainment districts of Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ginza. For the kids there’s always Tokyo Disneyland or a trip to famous anime director Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli Museum.

The city is more a connection of sub-centres than a whole and is connected by a world class rail and underground subway system. Hence, location is key for any stay in Tokyo and easy access to this transport system is important. We can guide you as to where to stay based on your requirements and budget.