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  • Turkana
  • Turkana



Getting to Turkana overland is no mean feat. While it is possible to fly to the lake by chartered aircraft, it must be said that flying to Turkana somewhat distils the adventure.

In this desert country- hot, parched and broken by volcanic activity, where ancient blackened lava flows and endless thorn trees stretch from horizon to horizon, this is the place where the journey is very much part of the destination, and it is only by taking the long, arduous road that a real sense of remoteness is gained. However, the flight itself is quite an experience, taking in beautiful vistas across the Suguta Valley and providing a bird's eye view of the lake itself. 


Turkana Hotels

$$$ Desert Rose Turkana

Character Boutique, Eco-friendly

Desert Rose is a unique eco-friendly lodge located at 5,500 feet asl on the verdant cedar forest slopes of Mt Nyiru which towers majestically above the Elbarta plains, between Karisia Mountains and...

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