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Khammouane Province

This remote province in central Laos is one of the newest areas to open up for tourism. The infrastructure here is not fully up and running so, just as in the Far North of the country, please allow for some minor on trip alterations if required.

Almost one quarter of the province is covered by three National Protected Areas, namely Phou Hin Boun, Nakai - Nam Theun, and Hi Namnon and it is the outstanding natural beauty and remoteness of these protected areas that has drawn travellers to the region. Exploring the lucid waters that cut through a warren of limestone mountains covered in knotted forests with hidden cave passages to undiscovered villages are the main attraction.

This is not travelling for the feint hearted it is real adventure!

Accommodation is in village lodges and local homes and the food is only of the freshest local variety, no chance of any western creature comforts in this region but that said, you will be party to a genuine travel experience that is becoming all so rare as the world becomes a smaller place!


Example itinerary

Day 1
Depart from Tha Khek on a 3 hour drive along an unpaved road through a landscape of majestic limestone mountains. Stop for lunch at the boat pier at Pak Thung. Board a local motor boat for the 2 hour trip past forested karsts on the Xe Bang Fai River. Arrive in the village around 5:00pm and settle into the village lodge.

Day 2: Cave Exploration.
After breakfast at 9:00 am, paddle in inflatable kayaks steadily upstream for 500 meters through 2-3 small rapids to the Tum Lot cave. Paddle into the cave to witness a 100 meter high waterfall inside the cave. Explore the cave and see the stalactites and stalagmites. Paddle on through the cave for 5 Km to the other side for a picnic lunch then return the same way that you came to the camp at the mouth of the cave.

Day 3: Trek to Waterfall
Rise early, eat breakfast, and break camp. Paddle the kayaks 500 meters to where a tractor will be waiting for the 1 hour trip to the trek starting point. The trek is a 3 hour jaunt through an easy old growth forest filled with birds to a very large waterfall in the Hinnamon National Protected Area. Picnic lunch at the waterfall. Walk back to the trail head where the pick-up will be waiting to take you back to Tha Khek.

Tha Khek is located approximately 5 hours by road from Vientiane.