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  • Tad Fane waterfall, Bolaven Plateau, Laos


Bolaven Plateau

Just an hour by road from the town of Pakse, at an altitude of just over 600 meters above sea level and set amongst coffee, tea and cardamom plantations, you will find the picturesque Bolaven Plateau. Besides the plantations the area is also scattered with interesting ethnic villages, including Alak, Katou, Ta-Oy and Suk minorities where they still practice animist and shamanic beliefs as well as many waterfalls and verdant jungle.

The area offers the traveller a unique insight to an often ignored part of the country. Besides exploring the local villages we can arrange treks and elephant rides into the surrounding jungle. Accommodation on the Plateau is limited but there are a number of bungalows at the nearby Tad Lo waterfall.

Bolaven Plateau Hotels

$ Tad Fane lodge Bolaven Plateau

Remote Location

Located on the Bolavens Plateau, in one of the most scenic spots in the region, the resort overlooks the spectacular Tad Fane waterfalls that thunder down in a 200 meter deep gorge. Beyond the...

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