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  • Wadi Qadisha
  • Wadi Qadisha


Wadi Qadisha

Wadi Qadisha, the Holy Valley, is classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site because of its opulent cultural and natural landmarks. 

Take time to experience the mountain village of Bcharré conveying some of the most beautiful scenery in Lebanon. The road here winds around the rocky slopes, steadily gaining in altitude and offering spectacular views of the Qadisha Valley, home to remote rock-cut monasteries, wildflowers and wildlife. 

You will be delighted at red-roofed villages perching precariously atop hills or clinging to the sides of mountains. Here the Qadisha River runs along the bottom of the valley flows until it reaches the sea in Tripoli while Qornet As Sawda, Lebanon’s highest peak, soars majestically overhead. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking along the quiet valley trails or scaling isolated mountain landscapes.


Wadi Qadisha Hotels

$$$ Mist Hotel and Spa Wadi Qadisha

Mist Hotel & Spa by Warwick, a hotel famous for its setting on the Mar Sarkis Mountain overlooking coastal towns and Ehden village, near the Monastery of Qozhaya. Enjoy the renowned grandeur and...

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