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  • Bokong River
  • Katse Dam
  • Mfika Lisiu pass
  • Mfika Lisiu pass


Bokong Nature Reserve

At more than 3000 meters above sea level, the reserve is one of the highest nature reserves in Africa. An impressive visitors’ centre has been developed on the edge of a 100m cliff.

The visitors’ centre (open between 08:00 and 17:00 daily) at the Bokong Nature Reserve is perched on the edge of a 100m cliff, was built with the aim of educating visitors to the kingdom about the ecology, geological and palaeontological history of the Lesotho Highlands. There are some outstanding views across the highlands. However, the reserves highlight is the Lepaqoa Waterfall, which freezes in winter to form a column of ice.

You may see cattle posts (metebo) which are the ruins of interconnected cattle shelters and kraals for the stock that were built from stone. Reasonable populations of rhebuck still occur on the plateau grass and heartlands, and the whole area abounds with colonies of the endemic ice rat which despite its cute appearance is heavily predated by all the small and medium mammalian carnivores and avian raptors in the area.

Bokong Nature Reserve Hotels

$ Katse Lodge Bokong Nature Reserve

Katse Lodge is perfectly positioned atop a ridge, offering incredible panoramic views of the famous Katse Dam, with its surrounding mountains, rocky crags, sparse vegetation and landlocked lakes. The...

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