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  • Sehlabathebe National Park
  • Sehlabathebe National Park
  • Sehlabathebe National Park


Sehlabathebe National Park 

Situated in the Drakensberg escarpment is the Sehlabathebe National Park established in 1970. A breathtaking undisturbed area of its own beauty of clear rivers running through the park

Rocks of different formations, San paintings, unique wildflowers, bird sanctuary, rock pools and a waterfall. This is also a place where the rare minnow fish is found. Rheebuck oribi, mongoose, wild cat, jackal and baboons frequent the area. This park is the national designated nature reserve in Lesotho and comprises 6 500 hectares at an average elevation of 2,400 m. The park is ideal for hiking, bird-watching and contains unusual rock formations and alpine flora.