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  • Amber Mountain National Park
  • Amber Mountain National Park


Amber Mountain National Park

Amber Mountain or Montagne d’Amber National Park is an example of a montane rainforest habitat. Its unique microclimate gives growth to some impressive flora and fauna, in particular, the large conifers and epiphytic bird’s nest ferns growing out of them, giving the park a unique prehistoric feel. Lemurs are a common sighting, particularly Sanford’s brown lemur and crowned lemur. While September to November is part of the rainy season, this is when most mammals are active, and is the reproductive season for the lemurs. The elusive fossa can also be spotted.

Amber Mountain National Park Hotels

$$$ Iharana Bush Camp Amber Mountain National Park


Iharana Bush Camp is a little different from other bush camps in Madagascar. Here, artificial tents are replaced by magnificent natural cottages. The sleeping facilities consist of eighteen...

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$$ Nature Lodge Amber Mountain National Park

The Lodge offers 12 eco-friendly and spacious 35m2 thatched chalets built in timber and local material. Each chalet is individually decorated with warm Malagasy colours and is equipped with an en-...

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