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  • Mabul Island Resort, Sabah, Borneo
  • Over water bungalows, Mabul Island Resort, Sabah, Borneo


Diving off Sabah

As well as picture perfect beaches and wildlife Sabah offers some of the world’s best underwater adventures. The best known dive sites are Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai, however in order to preserve the fragile ecology, visitors to the region are no longer permitted to stay overnight on the island of Sipadan. When planning your trip please bear in mind that to get the best out of this area you'll want to be as near to the best dive spots as possible, as it’s not out of the ordinary to do 4 and 5 dives a day but you can't do this if your day is spent taking the hour long boat journey getting to and from the sites from the coastal town of Semporna. Mabul and Kapalai Islands are approximately 15 minutes boat ride from the famed Sipadan dive sites and there is good standard accommodation on both islands.

Diving off Sabah Hotels

$$$ Lankayan Island Resort Diving off Sabah

Eco-friendly, Remote Location

This island resort is accessed by a 100 minute boat ride from Sandakan across the Sulu Sea. The unpopulated island is covered by thick tropical island vegetation is ringed by an endless pure white...

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