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  • Mulu Caves, Sarawak, Borneo
  • Cave system, Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Borneo


Miri & Mulu

Miri, the second City of Sarawak, is located in northern Sarawak, near the Sarawak-Brunei border. The City has grown phenomenally since oil was first discovered in the early 1900s, rapidly turning into the modern and vibrant business, commercial and educational centre it is today. It is also the stepping-off point to many of Sarawak's world-famous national parks such as the Niah National Park, Lambir Hills National Park and Loagan Bunut National Park, as well as other major tourist attractions. However, the main reason most visitors go to Miri is it is the gateway for flying to Mulu National Park to explore the world’s largest limestone cave system.  Mulu has an exceptional level of biological diversity with over 3,500 species of plants recorded in the park. These include a variety of highly specialized orchids, pitcher plants, palms, gingers and a most unusual ‘One Leaf’ plant to be found at the entrance of certain caves. There is also a large diversity of fauna that includes deer, monkeys, giant porcupine, civets and all of Borneo’s hornbills.