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Central America’s regional giant, Mexico is a riot of colour and ancient civilisations bound by glorious landscapes and colonial treasures. Mysterious Aztec and Maya temples lie shrouded in the steamy jungle of Chiapas while soaring peaks and smoking volcanoes dissolve into arid deserts and breathtaking palm-fringed beaches along the Yucatan. And everywhere you turn, a glorious soundtrack of exuberant fiestas, mariachi music and wonderful cuisine. 

The sheer scale of the country is daunting yet no matter what your interests, Mexico offers a feast of options. Hike the awe-inspiring Copper Canyon, lose yourself amongst eerie pyramids, treat yourself to a stay in a sumptuous 16th century hacienda or simply pamper yourself on the beaches of the Riviera Maya or Baja California.

Better still, the faded glamour of resorts such as Acapulco has been replaced by a new wave of beautiful boutique hotels across the country. Throw in a comprehensive network of airlines and ever-improving service and you find Mexico a fascinating melting pot of ancient and modern influences waiting to be re-discovered.