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The Copper Canyon

Deep in the Tarahumara Mountains in Mexico’s north-west state of Chihuahua, the breathtaking Copper Canyon (“Barranca del Cobre”) covers close to 65,000 km² of rugged mountains, forests and canyons. This natural wonder is four times larger (and on average deeper) than its cousin the Grand Canyon just across the border yet receives a fraction of the visitors and publicity. Sadly, it is yet to receive the official status and hence protection of a national park owing to ongoing disputes between loggers and the native Tarahumara indians, yet for visitors offers magnificent walking and panoramic vistas. Access to the Copper Canyon is via the scruffy frontier mining town of Creel or better still the fabulous Chihuahua-al-Pacífico railroad (or “el Chepe”). This is among Latin America’s great train journeys and blazes a spectacular trail from Los Mochis on the Pacific coast up into the dizzying heights of the canyon. 

The Copper Canyon Hotels

$$$ Posada Barrancas Mirador The Copper Canyon

Remote Location

Perched on the very edge of the canyon with spell-binding views across the rugged, mountainous terrain, the Posada Barrancas Mirador sits amongst pine trees close to the highest point of the Copper...

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$$$$ Posada de Hidalgo The Copper Canyon

Character Boutique, Historic Hotel

The Posada del Hidalgo is a delightful colonial mansion and living museum that dates back to the 16th century. It is located close to the heart of el Fuerte, a sleepy, historic town at the foot of...

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