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El Chepe Express

Running almost 673km from the Pacific Port of Los Mochis to the industrial hub of Chihuahua, Mexico’s “Chihuahua al Pacifico” Railroad (“el Chepe”) is one of Latin America’s great rail journeys and a magnificent feat of engineering. For 100km, the train runs straight and flat from the coast to el Fuerte before it meets the rugged mountains of the mighty Copper Canyon. There, the fun begins as it zig-zags through valleys and gorges to reach a giddy height of 2400m above sea-level, negotiating some 37 bridges and 86 tunnels along the way. It takes some 16 hours to complete the full journey, yet visitors need only travel as far as Creel to appreciate the wonderful landscapes and indigenous Tarahumara culture.

Although the original plans date back to the 1880’s the line wasn’t finished until 1961 where it was quickly taken over by private enterprises. Today, there are 2 daily departures including a comfortable tourist service with reclining seats, dining car and bar.

El Chepe is a wonderful highlight of northern Mexico and the perfect link between the beaches and whale-watching of Baja California and the Copper Canyon. For more information, itinerary ideas and schedules, please contact your Oasis Travel consultant.