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Clinging to the north-western tip of Africa, Morocco evokes the mystery and intrigue of ancient Arabia, a land where crumbling Kasbah citadels sit beneath the soaring Atlas Mountains peering out towards the shimmering haze of the Sahara.

In the imperial cities such as Fes, Rabat and Meknes, age-old mosques and palaces rise out of the medina, the pulsing heart of Morocco amidst a labyrinth of alleys, market stalls and souqs. Here, only shards of sunlight filter through creating a heady blend of colours, scents and sound as prices are haggled and deals are struck.

In Marrakech’s great central square, the Jemaa el-Fnaa, snake-charmers perform alongside acrobats and belly dancers while leafy gardens and marble palaces offer respite from the afternoon blaze.

Heading into the Atlas Mountains and terracotta foothills, you can hike, explore iconic film-sets and visit remote berber villages. Then as the canyons drop away, the desert takes hold. No itinerary is complete without a Bedouin-led camel trek deep into wind-sculpted dunes of the Sahara to spend a night in a tented camp under the stars.

Morocco offers a dizzying range of history, landscapes and flavours for couples and families alike. Stay in beautiful “riad” palaces, experience the wonderful cuisine and brace yourself for an assault on the senses as you venture into the medina.