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  • Temples of Bagan, Burma
  • Twlight at the Golden Rock, Burma
  • Local villagers, working the crops, Burma
  • Pagodas, Kakku, Burma
  • Local village, Inle Lake, Burma
  • Fisherman, Inle Lake, Burma
  • Cyclists at sunset over U Bien bridge, Mandalay, Burma
  • Mt Popa, Burma
  • Bullock carts on the beach, Burma
  • Tribal lady, Burma
  • Village lady smoking a pipe, Burma
  • Marak U, Burma
  • Shwedagon, Yangon, Burma

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a land of extreme contrasts. There are vast dry plains, lush fertile highlands with immense lakes and huge mountains but despite the geographical differences you will find evidence everywhere of a deeply religious, friendly and tolerant people, making the country one of the safest and most rewarding to visit.

Architectural remnants of the turbulent colonial past blend effortlessly with the huge shimmering gold clad temples and ancient crumbling Buddhist structures. Nowhere in Asia will you find a more mystical and exciting place to explore. The scattered temples in Bagan, the ancient capitals that surround Mandalay, the unique “leg rowing” fishermen of Inle Lake and colonial heritage of Yangon are all must see destinations but for the slightly more adventurous traveller there is so much more.

The years of isolation have enabled the country to maintain its simplistic charm and remain untainted by the trappings of tourism you find in its more developed neighbour, Thailand. Unexplored ancient kingdoms, beautiful beaches and remote hill tribes are now all becoming more accessible and the accommodation standards will surprise and delight even the most discerning guest.

A visit to Myanmar will take you back to a bygone age, Asia as it once was.