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Paukan Short River Cruises

Two Days - One Night Cruise and Three Days - Two Nights Cruises

Since 1998 Paukan Cruises have offered these popular one and two night cruises to passengers seeking a shorter cruise experience as part of a longer land tour rather than for those seeking a prolonged river expedition. They ply four times a week between the ancient capital of Bagan with its 3000 Buddhist monuments and Mandalay, the last royal capital at Mandalay. They stop for shore excursions by foot at the villages of Theingone and Yandabo where the passengers have financed the building of schools. You see real village life, pot making, agriculture and visit Buddhist monasteries. Many land travellers find the short cruises a welcome and tranquil holiday within a holiday. Short cruises generally operate between November and March during the High Season with some ad hoc cruises in the off season.