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Golden Rock

Of all the sights in this country of eternal surprises the Golden Rock Pagoda is possibly the most extraordinary. Legend has it that the rock, perched precariously on the edge of a precipice on an 1100 meter mountain, is held in its gravity defying place by a single strand of Buddha’s hair. The rock itself has been balanced lick this for many years and has somehow not toppled despite numerous earth tremors. The pagoda is an important place of pilgrimage and the climb from the base of the mountain takes upward of five hours. However, if you prefer not to make the climb you can travel by local truck (not on a private basis) to the Golden Rock Hotel and just make the last hour’s journey on foot and if even this becomes too strenuous you can be carried by sedan chair to the top!   

Golden Rock Hotels

$ The Golden Rock Hotel Golden Rock

The Golden Rock Hotel is ideally located and is the nearest accommodation to the pagoda and the actual rock itself.  It is uniquely situated in an idyllic setting amidst lush tropical vegetation and...

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